Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson was born in Holland in 1946. Her father was Dutch but her mother was English and, as a child, she made frequent visits to her grandparents. It was perhaps these visits that sowed the seeds of what has proved to be an enduring affection for the English countryside. Pamela was educated in Holland and graduated from the Royal Academy of Art and Design in the Hague. In her early twenties she married an English engineer and moved to Cheshire where her two sons were born. For several years Pamela taught art and craft at a school for deaf children in Cheshire. On moving to Dorset she retained her art and craft links with product designs for a local manufacturer. Subsequently taking up a part-time teaching post in Adult Education, these classes still occupy a considerable part of her time. Her wide range of teaching skills include art in many forms, detailed embroidery, silk painting and delicate crochet work.
Pamela, while greatly admiring traditional skills, has always wanted to experiment. To this end she has made a substantial contribution to the development of "Textile Art", specialising in landscape pictures combining embroidery, silk painting and other artistic techniques. This combination of skills has brought her national recognition and acclaim through specialist national publications.
For some years, Pamela has been increasingly troubled with arthritis and has now begun to concentrate solely on watercolour painting. Pamela loves to work in great detail and has an incredible way of showing light and texture. Her work is mostly of the countryside or of the interaction of urban life with nature. Whatever she paints, there is always this feeling of sunshine and her love of life pouring from every stroke of her brush.
Pamela’s paintings are already being greatly sought after by people from around the world and we can only hope that she continues painting as long as possible.

Limited Edition Prints of 500


Temporal Beauty

This beautifully detailed watercolour
study portrays part on an old stone
balustrade at Chettle House in Dorset.
Pamela was struck by the contrast in
texture, colour and time scale of the
world-weary old stones and the fresh,
innocent, optimistic new flowers in a
photograph by Jane E. Hall. The stones
have long succumbed to the ravages
of weather and time, yet they offer
essential support to the fragile new
plant. The lichens and moulds that
devour the stone are already invading
the plant, thus blurring the boundaries
of time.

Taken from an original of same size
Image size: 203mm x 305mm
Retail price 30.00

Country Ramble
Taken from a fine detailed watercolour of the same size
Image size: 110mm x 155mm
Retail price 16.00

The Old Cornfield
Taken from a fine detailed watercolour of the same size
Image size: 110mm x 155mm
Retail price 16.00


The Garden Fox
Giclee Limited Edition Print of 195, taken from a fine detailed watercolour of the same size
Image size: 340mm x 380mm
Retail price 75.00

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