Clive Hannay
Clive Hannay is well known in Dorset for his wonderful drawings and watercolour paintings of Dorset villages. For the past eighteen years Clive’s pen and ink drawings and watercolours have been published regularly in the Dorset Magazine to illustrate the walks and villages of Dorset. The magazine is sold as far away as Canada, America and Australia, creating a world-wide interest in his wonderfully detailed studies of English village life.
He is a native of Dorset and draws his inspiration from the countryside and coast of one of England’s most beautiful counties. His masterly use of colour combined with his superb eye for detail produces paintings of exceptional quality, depth and clarity that captures the peace and serenity of the heart of Dorset.
The demand for Clive’s original paintings, owing to the time taken to produce them, far exceeds the number he can paint, originals often being sold before completion. For this reason, Towngate Publications has produced a regular series of numbered limited edition prints of his watercolours over the last 15 years.
Now the latest work from Clive is two new ranges of prints that have moved away form his village scenes. His first new theme draws on his Dorset coastline knowledge and depicts the figure of a young woman in a seascape that shows both the beauty, ruggedness and strength of time, trying to encapsulate the vastness bridged between his model and the setting. The second new theme shows a solitary female figure gently posed in the soft Dorset woodland with the light playing through the trees creating a beautiful dappling effect on the foreground. These new works are so different and yet so Clive with the intricate detail and sensitive brush strokes that have made Clive Hannay a painter to be admired for years to come.

Clive Hannay - Print List

Wild Wood

Wild Wood


Traces in Time

Summer's End
Once Upon a Time
Last Light

Harbour/Coastal Scenes

Low Tide
Peaceful Haven
Weymouth Quay
Wareham Quay
Evening at Lulworth Cove

Warbarrow Tout

Village Scenes

Nearly Home
Wandering The Way
Village Peace
Under the Willow
The Watersplash
Village Lane
Leafy Lane

Village/Country Scenes

The Old Button Shop
The Heart of Purbeck
Summer Stroll
Arne Woods
The Old Village Street at Dusk
Afternoon Shadows
Afternoon Gardening
Past Memories
Puddletown Square
Playing by the Church

Miniature Country Scenes

Village Stream
Harvest Time
Village Trail
Through The Hedge
Midday Shade
Evening Stroll
Hidden Lane
Garden Path
Peaceful Pastures

Country Doorways

Early Morning
Lunch Time
Grandma's Cottage



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