Biography of Peter Hayton

Peter Hayton has enjoyed drawing in pen and ink, and painting in watercolour since his childhood. Many of his pictures can be found in places as far away as Canada, Norway, Holland and Australia. The inspiration and encouragement for painting in miniature has come from his mother who paints for The Royal Society of Miniaturists, Hilliard Society and the Society of Miniaturists. 
Peter lives in the Dorset coastal town of Poole and his love of the sea, through diving, sailing and power boating, has inspired a lot of his paintings. The scenes he paints are mostly based around the Dorset Coast and the Solent. 
Sunsets are one of Peter's passions and he can often be found sat on his boat in Poole Harbour, or off the coast, waiting for the exact moment to snap them up in all their glory.
As well as his seascapes Peter is now being commissioned more and more to paint client’s boats in action. Working from his own photographs, often taken at 30 knots plus, he loves to capture the excitement of the moment when the boats are racing along at speed.
Such is the demand for Peter’s work that a growing number of his paintings have now been put into Limited Edition prints.



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Published Print List


Castle Sunset
Evening Anchorage
Evening Calm
Evening Swim
Harbour Sunset
Castle Loch
Peaceful Loch
Evening Dip

Coastal Scenes

Summer Days
Following Breeze
Tranquil Evening
Sea Trials
Durdle Door
Afternoon by the River
Serenity on the Hamble
Riverside Moorings

Marine Miniatures

Cliff top Walk
Early Morning Anchorage
Outward Bound
The Quay at Work
Fishermen's Dock
Out In Front
Haven View

Larger Coastal Scenes

Evening Swell
Bygone Days
Last Rays of a Perfect Day
Poole Quay at Play
Poole Quay Pencil Drawing

Rural  Scenes

Riverside Walk
Winter Sunset
Corfe Castle
The Village Pond

Town Scenes

St. James Church
The Guildhall
The Mansion House
The Old Customs House

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For prices and further details, please email me or write to:
Peter Hayton,
14 Benson Road,
Dorset, England BH17 0GB
or phone or fax me on +44 (0)1202 679182

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