Graham Cheater

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Graham Cheater: Empowerment Prints

Artist - Graham Cheater
using the technology to it’s ultimate
creating the appearance of a glass se-through
head in a humourous self-portrait

Self Portrait
2009 Graham Cheater

Graham Cheater's amazing, computer generated art is both sensationally coloured and extremely complex in it's design and concept. This truly gifted artist has injected an inspiring, energetic, quality that can heal and empower the onlooker and give them a true feeling of uplift and well-being whilst, at the same time, lighting up a room with beauty and energy.
After many years as an artist and a professional Feng Shui Consultant, much of his work is about beauty and harmony of colours for the environments they are to occupy.
"There is much art today which reflects the environmental and socialogical stress of our world, and my aim is to return to beauty, and help reduce that stress, whether in a contemporary way or through realism"
Graham's style is influenced by contemporary art that reflects the way in which nature provides a wealth of colour and shapes.

Empowering Ideas 
Paper size A4, A3 & A2

Empower Your Heart
Paper size A4, A3 & A2

Healing Heart
Paper size A4, A3 & A2

Healing Tree
Paper size A4, A3 & A2

Life Force
Paper size A4, A3 & A2

Paper size A4, A3 & A2

The Road
Paper size A4, A3 & A2

Water Planet
Paper size A4, A3 & A2

Paper Size: 17cm x 40.7cm


Serene Skies 1
Paper size A4, A3 & A2

Serene Skies 2
Paper size A4, A3 & A2

Serene Skies 3
Paper size A4, A3 & A2

Graham Cheater's prints can be supplied in most sizes and are printed on a variety of quality papers to suit clients specific requirements. Please E-mail for a price quote to suit your requirements.

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