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Poole Pottery
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Beauty and the Beast
Cold cast Bronze Sculpture

Stratford Lifestyles
Water Features Collection

The Towngate Artistic Gifts Gallery specializes in quality gifts with an artistic nature.

We carry a large stock of gifts including a range of original works. Our large stock of quality gifts cover almost any subject  including:



  • Living Glaze Pottery
  • Crystal Glass
  • Wildfowl Sculptures
  • Willow Tree Collection Figurines
  • The Angel Collection
  • Hand Painted Fairies And Mermaids
  • Fine Porcelain
  • Hand Painted Figurines
  • Bronze Sculptures
  • Mineral Water Features
  • Collectable Mole Figures
  • Working Model Nautical Instruments
See our Collectable Gifts Page: There are some rare collectors items at sensible prices.

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