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Bespoke Framing

At Towngate Framing we have a quarter of a century of experience at framing people's unique, one-off items.
From our Framing examples you can see a few of the more unusual things we have been asked to frame, but we frame anything, from the most normal of pictures and items to the least expected.
We have not turned away a single job in over two decades and no job is to small or too large for us to
frame in our extensive, comprehensive workshops.
We have advised many clients on framing to suit individual colour schemes and interiors over the years and have regularly had to match frames to particular wood finishes.

Conservation Framing

At Towngate Framing we understand the value placed on a picture, limited edition print, embroidery or rare item and we have, over the years, built up an enviable reputation for conservation framing.
We understand the methods and materials used in conservation framing and the techniques and science needed to protect our clients items of value for future generations.
Only recently did a customer write to us and thank us for helping them to sell a valuable framed limited edition print, the buyer had bought the item at Christies in London subject to the conservation framing being correct. The buyer complimented our client saying that the conservation framing was some of the best they had ever seen and it sealed the auction deal.
These type of comments make our job so worth while and qualify our dedication to conservation framing.

Corporate Framing

Over the years Towngate Framing has framed many different types of images for our corporate clients from supplying images and colour co-ordinating framing for an international bank's restaurant to supplying framed marine images for some of Britain's top boat builders super yachts. We have also supplied framed pictures with and individual theme for each of twenty five long corridors in five blocks of flats for a top London developer. The order totalled 400 framed pictures delivered at regular intervals to allow for hanging. Added to this we have supplied a large cosmetics supply company with 32 stretched canvases printed in house from our large photographic library with some of the panoramic images being over two metres in length.
We pride ourselves on being able to meet corporate clients needs both on the supply of imagery and framing and being able to follow their paper chain and supply on time, at a realistic price.

Museum Framing

Towngate Framing have worked with Museums to supply framing at their highest level of conservation and have reproduced quality reproductions of archival images, documents and hand written letters from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in our design and printing department. The quality of one such document outraged members of the public so much that they complained to the museum that original letters should never have been put on display because of the high risk that the ink would fade, the museum staff were quick to point out that they were indeed reproductions and not the originals.

Towngate Framing proudly boast two Guild Commended Framers to produce quality framing of oils, watercolours, embroideries, tapestries, certificates and photographs, limited-edition and open prints, medals and many more unusual items.... even the odd cake or two !!!, and all at very reasonable prices.

We have been framing for a quarter of a century and have always prided ourselves on keeping up with the latest innovations as well as keeping the traditional skills and values of our framing, that we are so well known for. We keep over 750 different frame mouldings in stock and have a very wide range of mount boards styles and colours to help get the correct balance with your interior. Added to this a second to none knowledge of framing techniques and method, we like to think we can frame anything that our clients bring in to us. We are proud of the fact that we haven't turned a job away in over two decades and we have had work recommended to us from other local framers who have had large or complicated jobs that have been beyond their workshop capabilities.

We Frame to all five levels of the Fine Art Trade Guild standards, depending on our clients requirements and budgets.

Peter Hayton GCF was the fourth person world-wide to qualify and be awarded the "Guild Commended Framer" status and is now currently an Examiner, a framing adviser on the Fine Art Trade Guild's framing help-line and the Master's Warden of the Fine Art Trade Guild of Great Britain.

Katie Herriman BA Hons. GCF sits on the Framers Committee of the Fine Art Trade Guild and works to advance the Framing Skills and Standards in the Fine Art and Framing Industry and hopes to encourage more young people into this exciting trade.

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