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Below are a few different types of framing we have had brought into us over the quarter of a century of framing.

Train Name Plate
The makers plate had to be bolted on
to a previously sprayed aluminium backing plate before the frame construction could take place.
This was one of two that we did
 for the same client.

Large Turkish Rug
This hand made Turkish rug was one of our biggest jobs, and took a day just to stretch. It was valued at 10,000 and had to be framed using full conservation methods and materials.
Hand Painted African Tiles
These hand painted Tiles were the pride and joy of our client's African safari and we enjoyed designing a box frame that was simple, yet complimentary to the native feel of these beautiful tiles.
Large Photo Collage
This very large photographic collage was over 2 metres long and had to have laminated glass and security bolt fixings to ensure safety.

Ceremonial Sword
This sword and scabbard had to be removable for wearing on special occasions. We achieved this by building specially made brackets into an oak cabinet for display without compromising it's removal.

Netsuke Box
We were recently commissioned to make a little cabinet to hold a client's collection of ivory netsuke's.
England Football Tickets
These tickets were a very fond memory of an England game that a client went to see for the first time with his son.
The Queen & Telegram
A telegram from Queen Elizabeth to celebrate 100 years of life. such an achievement and a joy to frame.

Special Certificate
Special things deserve special mounts and frames and this certificate was one of the growing number we now frame.

Iron Man Medal
Photos, medal and competitor number are all presented in this frame worthy of the award.
London Marathon Medal &Certificate
This well earned medal and photos deserved a well thought out mount design.
OBE Medal &Certificate
A Delicate Mount Design has enhanced this very special award

Motorcycle Cake Top
Icing sugar celebration cake top in a blue velvet box frame 

Circle Embroidery
Beautiful x-stitch with a double mount, gold line & corner cut-outs

Dream Weaver x-stitch with beadwork
in double , marbled mount

Isle of Man TT tiles
Four rare Isle of Man sidecar TT ceramic  racing Tiles in a box frame



Multiple Mount
Sailing Photos with text box and added personalized artwork

Five Pound Wager
Five Pound note with text box and added personalized artwork

Silver Locket
In double oval mount
& box frame

Record Album
Cliff Richards Album & signed letter in a double mount


Including button polisher & belt buckle in a box frame 

Including photo
in a green velvet box frame

Including photo,
mounted and framed

Medals from the first & second World Wars with soldiers names




Alabaster Plaque
A cherub plaque
with velvet inner box frame

With a photo of the ship from which
the porthole was salvaged

Frame Restoration
Old Frame during Renovation

Frame Restoration
Fully Renovated Frame

Robbie Williams Tour Shirt
Shirt from Robbie's 2006 tour shirt in a box frame and fixed to be removable
Wooden Masks
Two African hand carved masks in a black box frame with natural wood frame
Boxing Belt
Rockies boxing Belt in box frame with black velvet and black frame
Nobel Peace Prize
Certificates & Medal in two piggy-back frames

3D Embroidery
Picture Embroidery with raised flowers in a box frame with gold fillet and frame

Football Shirt
Ryan Giggs football shirt with signed photo and certificate in a box frame and silver frame
Victoria silver medals and coin in a blue velvet box frame with silver frame
Paper Fan
Delicate Victorian paper fan in a purple velvet box frame with a gold frame

Broken Leg Cartoon
The picture frame included the large pins from the leg repair

OBE Medal
A beautiful medal and not one that is regularly framed
OBE Certificate
This rather grand certificate went with the medal
Large Map
This frame, with the safety glass, took two people to
handle it into the van

Peter Hayton GCF was the fourth person world-wide to qualify and be awarded the "Guild Commended Framer" status and is now currently an Examiner, a framing adviser on the Fine Art Trade Guild's framing help-line and the Master's Warden of the Fine Art Trade Guild of Great Britain.

Katie Herriman BA Hons. GCF sits on the Framers Committee of the Fine Art Trade Guild and works to advance the Framing Skills and Standards in the Fine Art and Framing Industry and hopes to encourage more young people into this exciting trade.

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