The Fine Art Trade Guild

One of the objectives of the Fine Art Trade Guild is to improve and uphold standards of professionalism within its retail members.
You may have confidence in the supplier who displays the Guild symbol illustrated above. Make sure that the above Guild symbol has the present year showing below the logo, this is your protection against the pretenders of this world.

You can learn more about the Fine Art Trade Guild by using the link below.

The Fine Art Trade Guild, 16-18 Empress Place, London SW6 1TT


Peter Hayton was asked to stand for the position of Masters Warden by the new Master of the Fine Art Trade Guild, in March 2008, after serving as Master of the Fine Art Trade Guild for the 2006/2007 2 year term.

Peter continues to help young prospective framers by working with the Guild to create a framing apprenticeship and promote framing within Schools, Colleges and Universities majoring on art related subjects and is also continuing his work to further promote the Art & Framing Industry with the new Fine Art Trade Guild website. The ambition is to make it the first stop for the public for anything to do with today's Art World and to learn more about the standards and levels of Framing and Printing. The new site is also be a great advantage to the Industry in general, and to help the trade to broaden their skills and knowledge when new technology develops to keep the members at the cutting edge.
The Fine Art Trade Guild

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