Cathy James

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Cathy James

Cathy James's beautifully sensitive paintings capture the complete innocence of children in their everyday lives. Some of the paintings hint of bygone days when things were so much simpler and little things meant so much to children. Other subjects capture the mischief or cheekiness children can get up to, either way these stunning images are truly touching and will connect with many people in every walk of life.
All of Cathy's watercolour paintings take many hours of painstaking work to produce. So detailed are Cathy's paintings that people have mistaken them for photographs, only to realise, on close inspection of her brush-work, the sheer mastery of Cathy's painting abilities.
The pictures below have now been put into limited edition prints to try and satisfy the needs of Cathy's ardent collectors.

Hand Painted

The Scholar

Summer Sun

Toffee Apple

Gulliver's Travels

Imaginary Friend

Catching Tiddlers

Secret Garden

Water Ride





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