John White
Marine Artist


John was born in Christchurch in Dorset, England in 1933 and has enjoyed drawing and painting sailing ships in watercolour since his childhood. At the age of sixteen he joined the British Merchant Navy sailing in every type of ship from small coasters to large liners. During this time John was shipwrecked on an American tanker 'Esso Rochester' which broke in half during a blizzard in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in 1950. Between 1955 and 1959 John joined the R.A.F- F.E.A.F. 205/209 Sunderland Squadron and in 1960, unable to break away from his love of ships and the sea he joined the Australian Merchant Navy. In 1961 John became skipper of Coastal vessels trading out of Rabaul, New Britian, The Territory of Papua New Guinea, Queensland and the Northern Territory often being the only contact with civilization for many of the plantations in the outlying islands his ships traded in copra, cocoa, trochus & pearl shells.

In 1975 John finally left the sea to pursue the subject he felt he knew best, the sea and sailing ships, and became a professional artist. He wanted to share with others the beauty and power of the sea, the elements and the grace and beauty of the sailing ships that plied their trade around the world.

1978 saw the return of John and his family to England. In 1989 he made his home on Green Island in Poole Harbour where Diana followed her love of pottery and John produced beautiful, atmospheric paintings of the harbour and sailing ships.

In 2003 John and Diana left England for France where they set up a small gallery where they now both exhibit their work, much to the delight of the local clientele.

John White - Published Print List

Harbour Scenes 

Dawn Breeze
Harbour Dawn
Brownsea Board-riders
Round Island Race
Fishing Harbour
Leaving Canton
Hong Kong Roads
Drying Sails at Grimsby


Marine Scenes

Love over Malaya
Daybreak at 40,000ft
Departing Elephant Island
Monteray, the Coast
Sunset Departure
Morning Surf


Modern Yachts

Close Hauled
Gaff Ketch, Carola 
Candida & Astra at Dartmouth
Sir Winston Churchill


Tall Ships 

Clearing Weather
The Gam
Easting Down
HMS Frolic, 1845 off the
Coast of Guinea
Ariel and Spindrift
Horse Latitudes
Channel Pilot
Decan leaving Astoria
Off the Parcels
The Safe Quadrant
The Race


Black Browed Albatross


Working Vessels and Deck Scenes 

Bound for Tuticorin
Coming In

Malabar Coast
Western Ocean
The Call
Pamir in New Zealand Waters
The Barque, Ocean
The Grain Race


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